Our Drill Instructors

Drill Instructors

Our NY Fitness Club Drill Instructors

PPBC New York fitness club drill instructors are all either active duty or former military. This is hard core personal training at a NY fitness club in a realistic military style. Each one of PPBC’s Drill fitness instructors is a valued asset to the team. The fitness club drill instructors all bring their extensive experience to personal fitness training military style to you in the platoons. Although each one of the DI’s has a unique personality, they share the same fitness training approach.

Pure Power Boot Camp, a NY fitness club with a very different and fun but hard core approach, always focuses on getting recruits to step outside their comfort zone in a positive way!! The Commanding Officer at our New York fitness clubs and all the Drill instructors empower each recruit. There are no insults and no abuse. Pure Power Boot Camp prides ourselves on our elite team and we live by our eleven principles of leadership!