Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building Programs and Events

The average professional sports team spends 95% of their time practicing team skills.
The average business team spends less than 5% on the same skill development.
Both teams are expected to deliver winning results.

PPBC provides you and your working team with a unique opportunity to practice being a high performing collaborative team that delivers winning results, quarter after quarter.

Experience a sense of PPBC the moment you walk through the door. Every element in our facility sets the ambiance of total inspiration. PPBC is a constantly challenging environment that will test you and your work team’s collaboration, leadership, and teamwork skills, while forming connections and relationships with others. Communication skills are honed and developed, while different levels of trust are explored.

Our simulation experiences allow participants to transcend office politics and share a common experience that serve as a benchmark for future performance. Participants are mentally and physically challenged, using hard work and the encouragement of a hard core Pure Power Boot Camp Drill Instuctor. Participants repeatedly achieve what they previously thought was impossible. PPBC has designed several programs geared for different divisions and our missions of the corporation. Our team will customize any program to fit your corporation’s goals. PPBC uses the corporation’s language and mission statement to be the foundation throughout the event.

The Competitive Challenge

This challenge will help the staff practice their collaborative skills and learn how to determine when it is time for competition and when it is time to share or gather information from team members. This highly competitive and fun program will have the added benefit of developing positive team moral and enhance communication abilities of the group.

The 20 corporate recruits are divided into allied forces. These two battalions will engage in a competitive series of challenges that will test their mental and physical capabilities as they draw on their ability to win in the face of adversity. Drill Instructors set the pace for a 2 and 1/2 hour program. Putting the recruits through the ringer of a military obstacle course and other specialized training activities meant to challenge, motivate and energize participants while building team skills. Using small unit tactics, each battalion will be provided with specific objectives and will need to create mission critical solutions for their battalion and their company.

Power Up!

This fast- paced high-impact program will immerse your team in a challenging “Boot Camp” where quick thinking and performance-under pressure are the name of the game. Led by Pure Power expert your experience will begin with short skill building session that will focus on the Pure Power Sever. Pure Power will then put your team to the test with a series of team and individual challenges that address each of the seven success factors. Power Up! is ideal for leaders and managers who want to see improvements in collaboration, trust, motivation, decision-making, accountability, commitment and drive. The longer the event the more difficult the challenge and the more sustained the outcome.

Options: 4 Hours, 6 Hours, 8 Hour Formats

Opportunity Rescue

The specially Designed experience will have your group using maps, compasses, and work clues to locate and rescue a “Lost Opportunity”. Along the way they’ll need to work together to solve unique problem-solving challenges. They will also be faced with adversity as new opportunities present themselves. How will your team perform?

Will they save the lost opportunity and still capture new business? Will they get “Tunnel Vision” and stick with the plan when they really need to innovate and adjust?

You can even have your CEO an actual client play the role of the lost opportunity so the team has to rescue a surprise guest!

Options: 4 Hours, 6 Hours, 8 Hour Formats

The Merger

Typically only 50% of mergers and acquisitions achieve their originally stated goals. Merging organizational cultures or introducing new leadership can be very challenging. The merger program by PPBC begins with multiple small teams working toward individual goals. As the experience progresses, small teams combine forces in order to outdo the competition, until finally all teams are working towards the same objective. These programs highlight the importance of dealing with change and help you and your working team to harness the benefits of appropriately place competitive tendencies. This program will also provide your team members with an opportunity to get to know one another in a unique and fun filled environment.

Options: 4 Hours, 6 Hours, 8 Hour Formats

Mountains of Success

This challenging experience is specially Designed to enhance the way your sales associates strive for success. In this program, PP will present your working group with one challenge after the next in a fast paced and fun environment. Your and other guests of pure power will collaborate to improve efficiency, communication and overall performance. in this unique program, the PP team will focus on developing your problem solving skills, improve your listening abilities, help you to set challenging goals,improve your time management skills, and ultimately increase your teams willingness to take appropriate risks, these programs typically include a short skill building session and professional facilitation by Pure Power team leaders.

Options: 4 Hours, 6 Hours, 8 Hour Formats

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